The Mass Shootings will Continue Until Morale Improves

There is only one real red pill, namely that the reigning understanding of an engagement with the world in the West is grounded in a flat denial of reality. This is why we can speak of the “religious” spirit of Liberalism, why #NRx has claimed for years that “we live in a Theocracy – an evil one”, and further why the paeons of the left and right wings of the Great Vulture nip at each other for a refusal to see things correctly. That obnoxious bumper-sticker from the Bush era – “reality has a [liberal/conservative] bias” is more than just a pithy boomerism, it reveals the root of the cognitive dissonance that defines the West in decline, and the truth that no matter how much stage blood is spilt in the sparring we all watch on TV and in the curated theatre of social media, everyone suffers from the same delusion. 

There were more mass shootings last week. Surprisingly, it hasn’t seemed to get as much media play in the superficial feeds created by GoogleNews, Flipboard, and Amazon. It may be that the stories don’t bleed enough to lead, or that the victims and shooter in one case aren’t demographically palatable,  but it seems more likely that such events simply aren’t moving the public like they used to. Your author remembers the impact that the Columbine shooting had – it was an infusion of power into the narrative making class the likes of which they had not experienced since they took down Nixon. They were in utter control of the public’s emotional and rational response to the event. Drunk on their power, they have worn down their audience and their credibility in the nearly three decades since. This has not made the American public more receptive to calm analytical reflection, of course; instead, hysteria has merely become less controlled, less directed, more alientated as the population becomes more alienated. Die ich rief, die Geister werd ich nun nicht los.

Your author has approached this subject before – Thermidor readers will recall the comparison made of Stephen Paddock to Herostratos. Now a favourite of mine, Billy Pratt, is making a similar argument in The American Sun. The failure of the West to engage with the shifting reality of its decline is creating chaos on the frontiers, as dissonance gives way to performative solipsism culminating in self-immolation of sundry species – from actual suicide like Paddock to the politicial suicide-bombs represented by Christchurch, Pittsburg, Southern California, and Charleston, in which purported right-wing extremists did more to further the cause of their enemies in a few hours than any of their victims had in their entire lifetimes. The manifesto has become cliche, and their contents almost invariably are precisely that: Christchurch has the dubious distinction of being so intentional in its invocation of chan culture that onlookers wonder if it is even real, or simply part of a plan to silence and dismantle /pol/. Solipsism is not restricted to the actor – the audience, too, actively participates in these small dramas by imagining how each himself is directly involved and effected. How small we would all feel if we knew how little these events actually mean for our individual lives! How absurd to feel so small – it points to the refusal to build for ourselves and our posterity, preferring instead to be audience or extra in someone else’s drama. Race, nation, tribe, clan, family, neighbors, friends, church – all this is purely theoretical even to those who embrace the theories! 

No one looks beyond the view they are granted by the digital landscape; it is called hyperreality both because it penetrates the consciousness more readily and because it is more immediate, and our sensory organs which detect the distant outcomes of current events are withering. A felaheen people cannot engage in long-term thinking because their racial memory has all but disappeared – without history, there is no posterity, and we live in a post-historical society. It is almost out of necessity, then, that acts of self-immolation, the quick, immediate jolt of ultraviolence has become the rule, as Pratt & Landry point out in their piece.

“Become who you are” is a great slogan – too bad it was wasted on hucksters with delusions of grandeur. Whiteness is grasping at straws for a sense of Western race that no longer has the power to animate. Now in this post-historical era is not a time to turn to race for the salvation of our people, but a rediscovery of something far more basic. How many use their Whiteness as a substitute for much closer bonds of blood and brotherhood. The key to a truly Bronze Age Mindset is not the Nietzschean hogwash about self-will and paganism, it is in turning the mind towards the sort of thinking that prevailed in the Bronze Age, which was neither national nor racial, but clannish and tribal. Elsewhere your author has pontificated on the need to show favour to our sons – but we cannot do this unless we have sons to favour. Whoever is not building a family or tribe is merely heaping up a funeral pyre for his own name and worth, to be consigned fittingly to oblvion upon his shuffling off of this mortal coil. Earned or adopted, the only name worth having is one that perpetuates itself. 

This is what it means to seek a sense of elderhood – not to aspire to power, but to seek authority earned by building. It is not domination, alphahood, or any of the other masculine pursuits of the gang, or military band – men cannot rightly dominate women and children the way they dominate other men because they are categorically different. The natural deference paid to a patriarch or elder is not dominion won in contest, not an a posteriori authority, but an outward sign of inborn hierarchy, auctoritas a priori. Such authority is impossible without the recognition of some hierarchy greater still, a hierarchy that is likewise inborn and not proven in contest, but existing within and accountable unto itself alone. You cannot become who you are until you know who you are, and finding your place in the Absolute Hierarchy is the only way to do that. It is the only reality that is truly real, and it cannot be participated in through continued self-aggrandizement and fantasies of summoning those spirits which have long since lost the ability to sustain the national or racial body as a functioning whole. The future belongs to those who build new, not those who struggle to piece together what has already been shattered. To build anew means starting with the building blocks – from the family, the clan; from the clan, the tribe; from the tribe, the commonwealth; from the commonwealth, the nation; and from from the nation, the race. 

Nationalism has its uses, as does racial self-identification, as defensive strategies. Recognizing we have a common struggle for survival forced upon us by outside forces is not insane or stupid, but imagining that you can build a racial consciousness is ignorant of the place national and racial self-awareness come from. Ultimately, whatever race or nation is built by a racial mindset in a post-Western world will remain a patchwork of individuals rather than a whole cloth of woven of tribal threads; it will be a weak garment, easily torn and constantly in need of mending. Only when the individual once again returns to his natural place, from which he cannot be again easily drawn out, like a droplet of water in a great lake, he cannot hope to participate meaningfully in a broader community. To reduce the argument to analogy, the stuff necessary to create a posterity will not be found in 23&me, but on Becoming who you are means recognising the names, faces, faults, and virtues from whom you arise. Ex nihilo nihil – you are your ancestors, and Christ’s Church teaches as much, not in a nebulous theoretical way, but in a real, personal, and immanent way – but you cannot represent what you do not know. This is where creating a new patriarchy, a new elderhood, must come from, and the abominations will continue to dwell in the high places until it does.


2 thoughts on “The Mass Shootings will Continue Until Morale Improves

  1. The Anglo countries have been so traumatized by demographic displacement and its youth never having lived under the pre-multicultural Anglo-Protestant establishment, that proxies like racial homogeneity seem very convincing as a basis of order in itself — virtues are encoded in our DNA, ergo we can safely call it ‘laissez faire, laissez passer’ if we meet a threshold for national IQ and phenotypic relatedness.

    Living in a relatively homogeneous Balkan nation, it’s quite clear that alienation, irreligion, anomie, factionalism, graft, anti-familial bohemianism and other such vices do not disappear in the least. That said, tribes and clans are an anthropological dead-end in most of Europe, given that both they have been outbred from existence, and that the nation-state cannot tolerate such centers of private justice and rank that is contrary to civic equality.

    Modern politics is planetary politics, and is marked by distributional struggles among representatives in intergovernmental organizations. The nationalist’s demand for a return to strict Westphalianism essentially means he’s opting out of the game, where instead he must himself take the mantle of Pan-European and proclaim a top-down mandate for self-determination just as Wilson and Lenin did. Alas, to do so would mean abolishing one’s own premises in order to fulfill them!

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  2. You make some pointed observations that I do not doubt are quite true of the current status quo, but allow me to qualify your remarks. Modern politics are *Western* politics, and with the West so goes the current global political order. The tribe and clan, far from being a dead end, are a germinal seed of greater and more robust cultural entities. In the Springtime of any civilization, it is the cultivation of tribal, clannish, and local relations that eventually give rise to the principal expressions of cultural and political will & identity.

    In short, everything you say her is incredibly true, if we are to imagine the West as wounded but immortal; the Atlantic nations are exhausted expressions of the final form of Faustian civilization; they will by necessity pass away, but their total extinction is only guaranteed by their inability to adapt themselves into new cultural units. Mercia and East Anglia are for all intents and purposes gone, but no Englishman would call them altogether extinct – indeed, Enoch Powell was repeatedly elected precisely because some spirit defined the Midlands apart from their fellow Englishman in London and its surrounding burroughs.

    Far more important, though, is the implication for an Colonial audience living on the periphery of the dying West, for here there is no history of nationhood, only the conglomerate racial identity unique to colonists. This is unsustainable in the shifting future, when the periphery ceases to be the periphery because the centre ceases to hold. In the colonies especially, and increasingly tribal and clannish thinking is the only thing that can save the stock of the Japhethites who are settled there, because it will give rise to wholly new, organic, and young communities and, from those communities, identities, including a common identity, analogous to Christendom or European Civilization when it was spoken of by the 9th and 10th century chroniclers. The felaheen West must relearn the value of blood, an instinct towards consanguine community that has been surpressed these past two centuries, and I do not believe Western racial categories are up to this task.


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